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'A World Gone Mad'  tops the 'Best Music of 2020' lists across Indian & International music sites, podcasts, radio shows etc.


We finally play a 'launch concert' for the World Gone Mad album - on 12.12.2020. This Livestream Show turns into our first GLOBAL GIG, with fans tuning in from San Francisco to Adelaide, London to Singapore, Delhi to Kochi...

The new single 'Tilt'  makes it to #2 on the World Indie Music Charts and #5 on the Euro Indie Music Charts. We're the first Indian band to have TWO songs in the Top FIVE in a single calendar year!

New single 'Tilt' launched, to good reviews from fans and critics alike. Begins getting radio airplay on terrestrial and Web radio stations globally.


We play a series of 'Streaming Gigs' for a Corporate Client - it's a whole new experience!

A series of Live Videos from these gigs (that look and sound pretty cool!) go up on YouTube

Work on the new single, 'Tilt' , is complete, and we head to Stained Class Productions to record.


Leaders of Men hits #1 on BOTH the World Indie Top 100 Music Charts and the Euro Indie Top 100 Music Charts

Longest jam-break in the band's history - 100 days!

Leaders of Men gets great reviews in prominent Indie Music Magazines in the USA:


"Leaders of Men is a vital single from one of the best rock bands working today… this is a band continuing to challenge themselves, participating in a global dialogue through musical art, and while they present listeners with a totally Westernized sound, you can’t help but detect the unique point of view their music provides compared to acts hailing from the Western world”

-  John McCall, Too Much Love Magazine, USA

“A World Gone Mad…promises to be quite a work. It is my opinion that TAAQ are working at or near the peak of their powers rather than marking time.”

-  Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio, USA

“(TAAQ) write, record, and perform music brimming with life and certain to resonate with anyone who loves muscular and credible rock music. They didn’t earn spots opening for Hall of Fame acts such as Deep Purple and Guns ‘n’ Roses by luck alone. Thermal And A Quarter has earned their spot because of talent and hard work and, based on this single (Leaders of Men), it’s a spot they are unlikely to surrender any time in the near future."

-  Mark Druery, Indie Shark Magazine, USA


Our NYE gig at the Bangalore International Airport goes really well - we don't usually do NYE gigs (not much of a 'market' for original music, eh?), but this one turned out really nice - lots of fans show up, we play a mixed-up set and all is well...

After several postponements, our 'Fell on Grunge Days' gig finally happens at Fandom, Bangalore

Sponsor on board, venues/flights booked, new album readying for launch...

8th Studio Album 'A World Gone Mad'  Released Mar 20, 2020.

Accompanying 7-city Launch Tour, scuttled with COVID-19 Lockdown.

Single, 'Leaders of Men'  begins getting Radio Airplay at Terrestrial and Web Radio Stations around the world.




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