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Rajeev Rajagopal


As founder drummer and unstoppable driving force, Rajeev Rajagopal doesn't just help TAAQ keep time - he ensures all those unforgiving minutes are filled with sixty seconds worth of distance run. No 'ifs' and 'buts' either.

A heavy-metal and grunge addict at heart, Rajeev is known for his tight, intense and distinctive style. A born program-manager, he spent a decade working in Fortune 500 firms, while also pushing TAAQ to newer and better things. Not known for flashy solos or showy fills, he is nevertheless an extremely difficult drummer to emulate - something that players with serious 'schooled' chops have often been heard to remark.

With influences ranging from AC/DC to Soundgarden, Steely Dan to the Dave Matthews Band, Rajeev is undoubtedly the bedrock of the TAAQ sound - intricate, syncopated and multi-layered, but with a forthright and elegant simplicity at the heart.

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