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Leslie Charles


TAAQ front man Bruce first heard Leslie Charles in the back room of a Bangalore music store, playing Jaco Pastorius's Portrait of Tracy, no less, about 4 years before he joined the band in 2012. 

With enough chops and groove to punch way above his weight, Leslie's grounding in R&B, funk and rock, mixed with an intense, acerbic and unapologetic view of life in general make for a musician with few equals in the Indian scene. Versatile and hard-working, he is also a much sought-after music producer now - and has, in fact, mixed TAAQ's 8th album.

Comfortable in a wide-variety of musical environments, Leslie has grown into his TAAQ shoes with sure and confident steps, steering the band's composition and arrangements in new and exciting ways. With influences ranging from James Jamerson to Paul McCartney, Radiohead to Geezer Butler, Leslie Charles has now served as TAAQ's bass player for almost a decade and counting.

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