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Bangalore Rock: Thermal And A Quarter

Thermal And a Quarter is on the vanguard of the Indian Rock Scene

– NPR (All Things Considered), USA

We're an English Rock Band from Bangalore, India.

We’ve been around the block. Released eight studio albums and several singles. Toured New York, Seattle, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Bonn, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kathmandu and more. Opened for Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Slash. Been on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Won national / international awards.

All great, but not what makes us who and what we are.

When we began writing music 27 years ago, Bangalore was a sleepy pensioner’s paradise with a decided colonial hangover. We grew up convent-educated, thinking in English, and grappling with an emerging ‘modern urban Indian’ identity. Bangalore is now the upstart tech-capital of India, one of the back-offices of the world, and exploding with innovation, nouveau riche, traffic and urban sprawl.


You’ll find all of that in our music. It’s overtly ‘Western’ – guitar, bass, drums, English lyrics (no Bollywood, sitars or tablas here) –

but nested in that shell is a complex, multi-layered and nuanced experience: where Emily Dickinson meets Tagore, Phish meets

The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Steely Dan goes out for a curry.

We sometimes feel caught between all these worlds.
It’s quite an interesting space to be in. Rooted, yet un-belonging, everywhere and nowhere.

Like the name, it all looks a bit complicated, so let’s make it simple: listen to the music.

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