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Founder guitar player, singer and songwriter, Bruce Lee Mani is a die-hard Bangalorean, remaining attached to the city despite its descent into the chaotic, polluted and traffic-jammed mess it is in 2020.

Bruce played in a variety of bands between 1995 - 2000; everything from 'hotel contract' bands, progressive/metal bands  and college competition bands (Indian, Western, acoustic, acapella) to choral ensembles, trad jazz, Indian fusion and, of course, TAAQ. He considers this eclectic mix of performance experience (and the opportunity to learn from a diverse set of musicians) key to his distinctive approach to the guitar.

With influences ranging from Cat Stevens to King Crimson, Steely Dan to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Wes Montgomery to Nirvana, Bruce's compositions, lyrics and guitar playing have been critically applauded across the globe. Two-time winner of the Rolling Stone Magazine 'Guitar Player of the Year' Award, he continues to be an inspirational musician and music educator.


Bruce Lee Mani

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